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Business & Finance
11. Increase Business Profits
  How do you increase business profits? Answer the following questions carefully, and you'll have a good start. 1. Can you increase the average sale? A restaurant with 25% profit margins might make 50% on additional sales to existing customers (less labor to bag one large order than two smaller ones). Asking "What would you like to drink with that?" works, and it's just .....
Author: Steve Gillman
Date Posted: Aug 22, 2005

12. Cheap Insurance - Ten Tips
  Cheap insurance? Auto insurance, life insurance, health insurance, liability insurance - whatever type of insurance you need, you can buy it for less. Try the following: 1. Raise you deductible. Why have a $100 deductible if a $1000 deductible won't break you? It may hurt to pay the first thousand someday, but what if meanwhile you saved several thousand? High deductibles .....
Author: Steve Gillman
Date Posted: Aug 22, 2005

13. The Many Advantages Of A Starting Your Own Home Based Business
  Have you been considering starting your own business and working from home? The advantages of working from home and starting your own business are great. Not only will you be able to stay at home with your children, and be your own boss (who doesn't love that), but there are many tax deductions that can make a home based business opportunity very appealing to moms (and dads .....
Author: Steve Gillman
Date Posted: Aug 22, 2005

14. Even with Credit Problems... You can get a Loan within 30 Days, If You're willing to work at it.
  A wise friend once told me that *extraordinary people* are just *ordinary people* who do extraordinary things. It's the same way with loans. People that get loans after being turned down are not extraordinary people, they are ordinary people who do extraordinary things to get their loan. Here's an example of what these extraordinary things could be for those that ma .....
Author: Aaron Vaughn
Date Posted: Aug 22, 2005

15. Resolve Conflict In 6 Easy Steps - The BEDROL Method
  The principles of Negotiation can work for you in any situation, but often people ask me, “Well, its often a fact that conflict happens unexpectedly. What if I don’t have time to prepare? Can negotiation skills be used on the spur of the moment?” The answer is YES. The principles of Street Negotiation were created and battle-tested on the streets and it’s power lies in its abil .....
Author: Tristan J. Loo
Date Posted: Aug 22, 2005

16. The Wisdom of the River : Lessons Learned
  Over the past few years I have watched the popularity of whitewater rafting grip the vacation market. “Strange”, I thought. “Why would floating down a river become such a hotly contested vacation destination?” Today, I understand this phenomena completely. There is a wisdom and lesson that only the river can teach. It is a lesson that I intend to learn as often as possible. W .....
Author: Harald Anderson
Date Posted: Aug 22, 2005

17. Silver Surfers: Successful Online Marketing to Seniors
  If you are marketing to an older audience, don't discount the value of a website. People over 50 account for more than 50% of discretionary spending in the United States, and they are going online to buy. They have money to spend. According to recent Pew surveys, the number of online seniors jumped by 47% between 2000 and 2004. There are about 8 million "silver surfers" ( .....
Author: Wendy Maynard
Date Posted: Aug 22, 2005

18. How To Generate Solid Web Profits Through the Blog Revolution
  Blogs were originally only meant to be ‘Web Logs’, or personal journals for members of on-line communities to stay in touch, sort of like ‘underground news media’. But, it didn’t take long for net-repreneurs (internet entrepreneurs) to catch on to their popularity and to find ways to use them to make money. The human mind is infinitely creative and nothing really stays the same .....
Author: Ross Storey
Date Posted: Aug 22, 2005

19. Stock Market Fundamentals: Time is the Essence
  There are those who like to invest in stocks and shares with the belief that they are fuelling the economy or the industry they trust in. They ‘buy and hold’ shares for longer periods hoping to be rewarded with bigger fortune. This may sound appealing to most investors seeking long-term goals like saving for a college education or a peaceful retirement. But then the tour to the .....
Author: RNCOS
Date Posted: Aug 22, 2005

20. Good Financial Practices: Making Your Money Work For You
  Practicing money management with caution in our daily lives can be rewarding. Just as we have good living habits enriching our health, good financial habits can enrich us with wealth. When it comes to good living, most of us are aware of the habits we need to follow, but when it comes to creating wealth, we aren’t quite sure about what good wealth creating habits are about. I .....
Author: RNCOS
Date Posted: Aug 22, 2005

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