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Health & Fitness
11. Copping Out The Positive Effects Of Copper
  One must always keep in mind that copper is not just a kind of metal, when it comes to medicine and health, copper is actually a trace element mineral that serves a wide variety of purposes for the body, both on its own as well as a cofactor. Although the body requires a comparatively tiny amount of copper per day, even that little bit of copper is proven to be essential to hav .....
Author: Charlene J. Nuble
Date Posted: Aug 29, 2005

12. Building Muscle Power Through Vitamins And Minerals
  The muscles of the body actually depend heavily on the vitamins, minerals as well as on the other nutrients that we take in so as to ensure that they’re always well taken care of. Consciously taking care of your body through the proper exercise, a well-balanced diet and a stress-free mind all contribute greatly towards keeping healthy and building a good set of muscles. Muscles .....
Author: Charlene J. Nuble
Date Posted: Aug 29, 2005

13. The Importance Of Vitamins When Dieting
  In our quest to get that "perfect" body, we actually tend to lose our focus on the real things that should matter to us, such as our health and well-being. Thus, we end up not only neglecting our insides but possibly our relationships with others as well. Cutting down on our daily calorie intake does not necessarily assure us of a slimmer waistline and smaller thighs. However, .....
Author: Charlene J. Nuble
Date Posted: Aug 29, 2005

14. Avoiding Mental Disorders Through The Aid Of Vitamins And Minerals
  When we think about the benefits of being ensuring a good bill of health by keeping track of our daily intake of prescribed vitamins, minerals and as well as the other nutrients that are needed by your body in order to stay healthy. It is important to be conscious of the fact that deficiencies in the daily intake of vitamins and minerals can negatively affect not only your phys .....
Author: Charlene J. Nuble
Date Posted: Aug 29, 2005

15. Appreciating The Importance Of Folic Acid
  Folic acid is actually just one of the many vitamins that make up the Vitamin B complex. Also known as folacin and folate, this indispensable nutrient serves the body in more ways than one. While very much important for all age groups, pregnant women are the ones who actually benefit the most from folic acid as well as those who getting past the prime of their lives. However, d .....
Author: Charlene J. Nuble
Date Posted: Aug 29, 2005

16. Aging Gracefully With The Aid Of Various Nutrients
  During the past thirty years there has been a steadily growing amount of scientific evidence linking vitamins and minerals to having a direct effect in protecting one’s self from aging. Apart from the usual health benefits that we can receive from having adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in our body, it’s also a highly appealing note to include that bei .....
Author: Charlene J. Nuble
Date Posted: Aug 29, 2005

17. The Importance Of Good Nutrition In Keeping Your Smile Beautiful And Your Mouth Healthy
  A beautiful smile and healthy mouth actually can come from in addition to regular brushing and flossing a daily diet that does not lack the essential vitamins and minerals that make vital contributions to a person’s oral health. Many people overlook the importance of good nutrition in keeping their smile beautiful and their mouth healthy. The mineral calcium and Vitamin D are o .....
Author: Charlene J. Nuble
Date Posted: Aug 29, 2005

18. 7 Tips To Kick Your Sugar Habit
  Are you often overcome with an urge to splurge on candy, cookies, and cake – and do you then hate yourself for caving into your cravings? Do you pop by the drug store for paper goods but always leave with junk food, too? And do you feel like an incurable sugar addict with zero will power? Take heart. You can quit (or at least cut back on) both sweets and processed, “much-like-s .....
Author: Connie Bennett
Date Posted: Aug 29, 2005

19. Fidgeting: The Natural Weight Loss Diet
  It's now official. The simple act of fidgeting can mean the difference between lean and obese. It’s the natural weight loss diet. My friend likes to relate a story from time to time about when he was just a lad. His grandfather called him "Worm", because he fidgeted so much. And between you and me, it can get rather annoying. But he had the right idea, even if it wasn't .....
Author: Jill Miller
Date Posted: Aug 29, 2005

20. How Vitamins Assist The Digestive System
  It is through the digestive system that the body is able to make use of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are consumed. The human digestive system breaks down the material until it is in a form that the body can use on the cellular level. There are several vitamins and minerals that directly affect the quality and efficiency of the process of digestion. Making sur .....
Author: Steve Wilcott
Date Posted: Aug 29, 2005

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