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Home Improvement
11. Tips For Successful Backyard Grape Growing
  Growing grapes in the backyard or garden can be a rewarding experience. It can also be quite a failure if not done properly. Grapevines are perennial plants and will grow for years to come. There are a few things to consider before you just jump in and start planting your grapevines. Otherwise, mistakes made at planting will haunt you in the future. Grapes need lots of sunshi .....
Author: Jim Bruce
Date Posted: Aug 15, 2005

12. 5 Tips for the First Time Home Buyer
  Want to buy a home? Consider the following before taking the big plunge! 1. Are You Ready to buy a home? You need to get your financial house in order. The first thing to determine is how much you can afford with the added expenses you may incur after purchasing a new home. List your current monthly budget and the anticipated monthly budget you will have once you move int .....
Author: Home Buyers Digest
Date Posted: Aug 15, 2005

13. How To Install a Liner Pond
  Liner ponds are ideal for the experienced water gardener because they allow for very forgiving installations, which consequently promotes greater creativity. However, for the very same reasons, liner ponds also require some extra pre-planning. Before you commence a liner pond project, you should purchase a pond liner that is of the appropriate size for your pond dimensions. To .....
Author: Gerry Fung
Date Posted: Aug 15, 2005

14. Maximize Your Waterfall Flow With The Master DW Waterfall Pump
  A common mistake that beginner water gardeners often make is that they fail to take the height and width of their waterfall into consideration, when they purchase a waterfall pump. Because of this, it is quite common for water gardeners to underestimate the size of the pump required for their pond. Calculating the proper pump for waterfalls can be tricky, because waterfall pu .....
Author: Gerry Fung
Date Posted: Aug 15, 2005

15. Conventional Steam Saunas vs. Infrared Saunas
  Which Is Right For You? The health benefits of steam saunas have been recognized for centuries, beginning with sweat lodges, traditional Finnish saunas, and other methods of heating the body and producing perspiration that cleanses the cells and pores. Typically, a heat source such as a wood, electric or gas sauna stove is used to produce the heat in a sauna. But in recent ye .....
Author: C.J. Gustafson
Date Posted: Aug 15, 2005

16. Apartment Inspection Checklist
  You have found an apartment you like and you are eager to move in this lovely place. Hold on! Before you sign the lease with the landlord, some inspection is necessary and it might save you a lot of trouble. If you have already signed the lease, it will still be helpful to carefully inspect the apartment if you haven't done it yet. In case you find any problem, you should l .....
Author: Brian Walker
Date Posted: Aug 15, 2005

17. Finding the Perfect Home
  Are you currently searching for a home that is for you? Well, this might be your luck because the answer that you are looking for might be on It is a website wherein you could find anything and everything about homes. Are you ready to take a brief tour? The firs stop is to view the different homes for sale. In this site you could see different types and kinds .....
Author: Ray La Foy
Date Posted: Aug 15, 2005

18. So You Want To Be A House Sitter? Here's How To Find A House Sitting Assignment (And You Won'T Be Paid A Cent For Your Efforts)
  The kinds of house sitting opportunities I'm about to tell you about are available to anyone, anywhere with an email address who can get online to check for offers of house sitting jobs (and then transport themselves to the owner's property of course, but that comes later). If you're thinking that you would like to housesit to make some extra money, turn away now. .....
Author: Susan Holtham
Date Posted: Aug 15, 2005

19. Chill Out With A Quality Ceiling Fan
  Are you craving some air flow in your house? Is the air conditioner running as hard as it can go but it still feels stuffy and hot in your house? Try installing a ceiling fan and see if it will give you some relief. Ceiling fans create air flow in a highly decorative way. They are many different varieties of ceiling fans these days. The choices can be overwhelming. How do you d .....
Author: Mike Spencer
Date Posted: Aug 15, 2005

20. Budget Decorating - What Is It?
  What is Budget Decorating? Budget decorating. You see this phrase a lot but what does it mean? Does it mean the same thing to you that it does to me? Probably not, and hereís why. The term "decorating" is easy to understand; it concerns making something (a room, a space) prettier, better organized, more functional, more esthetically pleasing. Okay so far. Itís when we sta .....
Author: LaJoyce Kerns
Date Posted: Aug 15, 2005

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