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11. Belly Rings: Sexy is as Sexy Does
  Body piercings have been the object of much controversy -- besides being an artistic expression and a celebration of one's physical endowments. The belly ring is such a piece of jewelry. In times of old, body piercings were treated differently, depending on the culture. As most body piercings had ritual or ceremonial value, many cultures prohibited specific types of body .....
Author: Sam Serio
Date Posted: Aug 5, 2005

12. Wolf Jewelry: Dances With Vogue
  When shopping for jewelry, one can see two extremes in any motif lineup: the delicate, feminine extreme, and the strong, masculine extreme. Among the "strong" extremes, wolf jewelry stands out as a common favorite -- it is, after all, the symbol of virility and independence, rebellion and complete self-possession. When one wears the most common types of masculine wolf jewelry, .....
Author: Sam Serio
Date Posted: Aug 5, 2005

13. Parrot Jewelry: Colorful, Exotic, Fun!
  Parrot jewelry is the mark of a bird-lover, someone who likes freedom and the sight of creatures exercising that freedom across the open skies. It is also the mark of someone who likes lively, colorful things. Brightly hued and endearing, these designs bring delight not only to the wearer, but also those who see them being worn. Young girls wearing parrot jewelry often have t .....
Author: Sam Serio
Date Posted: Aug 5, 2005

14. Lion Jewelry: The Pride of Royalty
  "I'll show you who's boss!" is what the sight of lion jewelry says -- no, roars! In a crowded room, the people most likely to shine out and be the lives of the party may well be wearing lion jewelry. These people are take-charge, charismatic and naturally the stars of the show -- much like the lion in their accessories. This is because people who choose lion jewelry a .....
Author: Sam Serio
Date Posted: Aug 5, 2005

15. Panda Jewelry: an Eye on Our Endangered Wildlife
  Thinking of an adorable motif to wear or give away to friends, but tired of cliches? Maybe you've bought too many ballerina figurines or puppy plushies. It's time to experiment with a different theme. The idea of panda jewelry is a unusual and is associated with environmental and ecological issues. If you want to distinguish yourself from the boring routine of giving .....
Author: Sam Serio
Date Posted: Aug 5, 2005

16. Horse Jewelry: Bold and Free
  A popular motif in jewelry, even among city dwellers, is horses. Horse jewelry is enigmatic and evokes a sense of strength as well as of mystery. Now one would have to ask: why horses? Why care about an animal rarely seen in the city anyway? Horses symbolize freedom, and pride in freedom. Wild horses come with the connotation of spiritual and emotional independence. Have you .....
Author: Sam Serio
Date Posted: Aug 5, 2005

17. 8 Minute Dating - For Singles With No Time For Small Talk
  You will get to a certain age where, no matter what city code you live in, you will not be content with the date or dates you are currently having. If you're dating without success and your big event or events are turning into dating flops, then perhaps it's time to 'save time' and find a fast, free, fun, good or make that great, group of singles who are looking .....
Author: Jack Crow
Date Posted: Aug 5, 2005

18. Getting Back Your Sanity Or a Day At The Home Spa
  We all need to get back our sanity, our needs to recoup from life of work, children, hubby whatever so here is an idea that I came up with. Recouping after a hard week of just everything how about having a day at the spa? We need take time off for ourself's something we women seldom do - We take care of the house, take care of the children, take care of the sponses, work an .....
Author: Kim Snyder
Date Posted: Aug 5, 2005

19. SEX, Self esteem, and ME !
  I have touched on so many emotions in the past and I am still feeling the need to share yet another. I have spoken on women's issues mainly, yet trying to keep men on a fair plain, mainly due to the facts and studies that more women experience self-esteem issues and jealousy monsters than men. Most of our emotions are gender friendly, except of course the ever so dreaded PM .....
Author: Dorothy Lafrinere
Date Posted: Aug 5, 2005

20. Unique Beach Wedding Receptions
  The most unique beach wedding reception ideas are sparked by imagination not tradition. Never mind etiquette, tradition and timelines. That information is outdated and stuffy. Do what will make you and your guests happy. It is a time for fun and celebration, not pomp and ceremony! Long gone are the days of "assigned" seating arrangements and cookie cutter reception programs. .....
Author: Cindy English
Date Posted: Aug 5, 2005

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