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Printing Multiple Copies of Photos
(Computer & Internet)
By: Meryl K. Evans

I do a holiday letter every year and send them to friends so they know what's happening with my family and I ask them about theirs. Though addressing the envelopes and such is a pain, I enjoy doing the letter and adding a wallet-sized photo of my kids to show them off. To print nine wallets on a page, you don't have to copy the picture eight times in Word and then print it. Here's an easier way.

In most cases, you can double-click on your photo file and it opens Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. If not, right-click on the photo file > select Open With > select Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. Before you start the process, ensure your printer is on and the computer can see it.

Now you're ready to print. For best results, use photo paper in the photo printer. Photo printers have gotten cheap. I got mine for about $100 and it is great. Be sure to factor in the cost of replacing the ink when choosing a printer.

Click on the Print icon in the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer to start the photo printing wizard as shown in the picture.

lick Next > Find and select the picture you wish to print. You can even select multiple pictures and it will put an equal number of copies on the page. The photo wizard appears. Click Next > Select the printer > Select Printing Preferences and choose the right media type (I used Photo Paper Pro) > Click Next. Here you select what size and how many copies you wish to print.

If your picture is a wallet-sized picture, don't choose anything bigger than wallet size because it won't be as good quality. In other words, pick the same size or smaller rather than larger. If your picture is a 4" x 6" photo, you can print 4" x 6" copies and wallet-sized copies , but printing 8" x 10" won't look good. I selected Wallet Prints and entered 9 for the Next and it prints. Click Finish or Back if you want to print another page.

I don't like to use pens to write the kids' names and the date of the photo because it smears and leaves ink on other things. I know there are specialty pens for photos, but I prefer to use a label maker.

This article was posted on Aug 22, 2005

About The Author
Meryl K. Evans

Meryl K. Evans is the Content Maven behind meryl's notes, eNewsletter Journal, and The Remediator Security Digest. She is also a PC Today columnist and a tour guide at InformIT. She is geared to tackle your editing, writing, content, and process needs. The native Texan resides in Plano, Texas, a heartbeat north of Dallas, and doesn't wear a 10-gallon hat or cowboy boots.

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