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Why Sleep on a Round Mattress?
(Home Improvement)
By: Thomas Jay Wacker

A round mattress, like any other mattress, is just another way to get a good night sleep, isn’t it? Or is a round mattress more? Is a round mattress in some way even better? The ancient Greek Philosopher Plato, might have said, “Sleeping on a round mattress would be the ideal mattress.” Certainly Buckminster Fuller, the inventor of the Geodesic Sphere would have preferred a round mattress to the conventional square. In fact, what better addition to a round house, than a round mattress?

A square mattress just wouldn’t fit in a round house. But why round? What makes the circle so much more important to a philosopher, or a scientist? In one word; space… According to Plato, who was well versed in geometry, the sphere is the ideal structure of the universe. While Buckminster Fuller enjoyed the sphere’s philosophical nature, he preferred to see it practically. Between the sphere and the tetrahedron, it is the sphere that occupies the smallest surface area in total, while containing the largest internal area, than any other solid. While the opposite is true for the tetrahedron, the same concept is used in analyzing the area of the circle and triangle. Geometrically, ROUND is bigger on the inside, and smaller on the outside. Paradoxal, but true; even if two triangles are fit together to make a square; the circle still has more space inside it.

To the sleeper, space is one of the most important characteristics of comfort, because it means having the freedom to move the body to its most preferred position, and still staying within the relaxing support zone of the bed. Space, is more than comfort, space is freedom. Not just freedom of movement for one single person, round mattresses, can be made to accommodate, couples as well.

The comfort zone however, for some, can be different, than for others. One of the nicest features of the round mattress is it’s adaptability to individual needs. As there is a larger inner special area than in the conventional square or rectangular mattresses, the circle allows customized split mattresses to be far roomier than traditional split mattresses. So that if of the two people sleeping in the bed, one needs a totally different kind of mattress than the other, a split round mattress can provide the ideal mattress sleep requirements for both.

If a sleeper is to feel relaxed on a mattress, it is important that the mattress is one which abides to their sense of aesthetics. Many people prefer round mattresses, merely because of their aesthetic nature. Round mattresses just seem to be more pleasing to the human eye. To this, Plato would most agree. As the circle invoked in him such a spiritual side, that just isn’t the case with most people. Most people just think it is a nice looking mattress, something different, something unique, to give life a little bit of taste. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so no really logical conclusion can be made as to why people seem to think a round mattress is aesthetic, the important thing is that the person feels better sleeping on it rather than a traditional one, the point is relaxation.

A round mattress is more spacious and offers more freedom of movement. Due to its unique design, its round nature, it becomes far more adaptable to individual needs as soft as a cloud to as firm as a mountain. You will feel like you are floating on the surface of a timid blue lake. You will relax.

This article was posted on Aug 15, 2005

About The Author
Thomas Jay Wacker

Thomas Jay Wacker is the General Manager and V.P. of Wacker has over 20 years experience in the home furnishing industry and leads the Wacker Management Team in Denver Colorado.

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