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Physical And Sexual Abuse Amongst Children And Teenagers
(Kids & Teens)
By: Joylita Saldanha


Let me introduce you to ‘She’. She is an average person, resident of a cosmopolitan city. As a nine year old, always bubbling with energy and when she walks into her teens, She is like any other teenager-enthusiastic and full of life. As a young 30-something woman, She is ambitious and working her way up to touch the echelons of glory. She is pretty, attractive and intelligent.

As a ten year old, She is on a summer vacation and playing games with others her age is very natural to her. All the children gather residing in the building gather at around five in the evening in the playground nearby. On her way down, She always meets an ‘Uncle’ who gets her chocolates almost everyday. Uncle lives in the apartment next to hers and so She doesn’t equate him to a stranger. One day, Uncle hugs her close and kisses her all over. She doesn’t know how to react but does complain to her Mummy.

Current mood: upset
Current Music: Chatter of a noisy bunch of ten and eleven year olds.

She is now all of 19. Sports interest her as much as cute looking young men and is excited about the final football match between two of her favorite teams. Everybody is gathered at a friends place to watch it with food, drink and fun. The omnipresent kids coax her to join them and She walks into the kid’s room. The kids question her and its pure fun time for the kids when She is around. On hearing shouts about a goal, the kids run out of the room and She is left all alone. That’s the time; He decides to make an appearance. As She tries to walk out of the room, He grabs her, holds her close and doesn’t let go of her in spite of her pleas. Almost reduced to a shaking bundle of nerves, He thinks its time to make a foray into kissing her like an animal. The screams of the children draw closer and as He senses this, he leaves her and walks out. She is deeply upset by the incident but prefers to remain silent till the end of the match.

the mood: Hurt and disgusted
the music she hears: Screams of soccer-crazy fans

3. Subject: She is a workingwoman, her eyes set on the future, She is steadily scaling the heights of success. Event: A normal day at work. Working under a male boss, She has to constantly prove herself in a male dominated society. Working harder than the others to prove her mettle, She comes under constant criticism. Undeterred, she goes on. Till one day, when her boss calls her into his office and tries making a move which is in no way professional. Current mood: Indescribable Current music: The keys on the keyboard going klick-klack

She is a young woman and in a world like today, that is held against her. In a constant bid to survive amongst all the elements, She risks losing herself, her identity and all that She stands for.

The pathos of the world weighs down upon her and nothing seems to alleviate the misery. Spreading its lecherous wings, lust seems to be hanging around her life like an obnoxious miasma.

In the concrete jungle, the animals threaten to thwart her delicate soul. The elephants are running, ants are marching and the humans are crawling. Standing as a silent spectator, she watches this with pain in her heart and tears in her eyes.

She could, your sister, your mother, your wife, your daughter.

Is this the world She had envisaged?

This article was posted on June 30, 2006

About The Author
Joylita Saldanha

The author is a final year student of engineering in India. With her fingers in many cream-cakes (she likes them better than pies), she manages to leave sticky marks everywhere she goes. Even on the net at

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