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Keeping Kids Active This Summer
(Kids & Teens)
By: Vanessa Pruitt

Experts say that kids need 60 minutes or more of physical activity a day. With childhood obesity on the rise, It's even more important to keep kids interested in sports. Keeping these tips in mind could help your children enjoy activity even more.

Let them lead the way.

Kids stay active when itís fun for them, so try to keep it that way. Donít force them to do any activity that theyíre not comfortable with. If your child would rather play tag than swim, do it. Youíll both be moving, and having a great time.

Mix it up a bit.

Different sports are fun for different kids. Introducing your children to as many activities and sports as you can, will allow them to discover what they truly like.

Donít keep score.

Pushing kids to excel could lessen their interest in certain activities. Forget about the score, and let them invent their own goals. The true measure of a successful season for any child is whether they want to play next year.

Remember to make sports a family affair. Your children will be more enthusiastic about physical activities if you lead by example. In the dog days of summer, try to devote an hour each evening to being active with your children. Turn off the television and have some quality fun!

This article was posted on June 30, 2006

About The Author
Vanessa Pruitt

This article has been written by Vanessa Pruitt, a work from home mom promoting wellness. To learn more about working from home visit She is also the owner of two subscription blogs, &

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