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Disillusioned About Your Home Based Business?
(Online Business)
By: Glen Snethun

Do you sometimes feel like packing it in? Like you’ve made the wrong decision in starting a home based business? Feeling disillusioned? If the answer is yes, read on to find out where you are in your dissatisfaction cycle and how you can get out of it.

When many of us begin a new home based business or project, the ORIENTAION PHASE seems so exciting, doesn’t it? Even though we don’t know a whole bunch about what we’re exactly supposed to do and the amount of detail that we actually do is low, our energy is high. It’s kind of like starting to renovate…we are all excited at the beginning, we haven’t actually got into the nitty gritty and results are, of course, zero. To summarize the Orientation Phase, we could say: Energy = HIGH, Details = LOW, Results = NONE.

After one to five weeks, we might start to experience the DIS-SATISFACTION PHASE. There are lots of details to contend with. The more we come to know, the more we realize what we don’t know. It’s the old scenario of ripping up the carpet and finding the sub-floor needs replacing and while we are at it, we should replace some drywall. Didn’t this renovation start out to be cosmetic? Our energy starts to wane. And still…the results are next to negligible or zero. To summarize the Dis-satisfaction Phase, we could say:

Energy = LOW, Details = HIGH, Results = NONE.

Now, let’s stop here a moment. How many of you are stuck in Dis-satisfaction in other areas of your life, e.g., your exercise program, your health, your relationship with your spouse? I bet you wish you could find a way to get beyond this never-ending cycle you keep finding yourself in.

The key is support. The right support. Perhaps it’s a mentor, or additional education, or bringing in an outside contractor. Whatever it is, the correct and directed support will thrust us ahead into the RESOLUTION PHASE. In the resolution phase, we have “resolved” to get to the bottom of what is holding us back. We do whatever it takes! We pay our dues. Guess what happens then? Energy = HIGH, Details = HIGH, Results = SOME.

When the support kicks in and everything starts to move, we graduate into the PRODUCTION PHASE. All systems are go. Everyone is working together as they should, things are getting accomplished. The last coat of paint is going on. Energy = HIGH, Details = HIGH, Results = HIGH.

While we may have the same exercise program we started with (energy is low, details are high and results are nil), by engaging a trainer or a mentor, we have noticed our energy and enthusiasm about our exercise HIGH and the results HIGH as well.

The right support is critical to any endeavor. We are not created to go it alone. Build your support structures in each undertaking and seek to move into PRODUCTION as quickly as you can.

Copyright 2005 Glen Snethun

This article was posted on Aug 12, 2005

About The Author
Glen Snethun

Glen Snethun is a stock/options trader as well as a full-time Internet Businessman, Author and Coach. Glen dedicates his time to showing others how to create multiple streams of income using the Internet.Get ideas from Glen at

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