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Golf Swing Tips That Really Work
(Recreation & Sports)
By: Jonathan Berry

Great golf swing tips - enjoy! Do you know that a good golf swing has almost nothing to do with your arms? This is why practicing the No Arms drill makes perfect sense.

Donít forget to cock your wrists! This is more important than taking the golf club back straightówhich is what everybody out there tells you.

The experts will also tell you to let your left arm roll slightly clockwise at the start of your back swing. But this is not something you actually have to think about. It will happen naturally if you let it. So donít sweat the small stuff!

Next, donít be daydreaming. Keep your feet on the ground. So you wonít forget to do this, keep in mind that no ballerinas are allowed in the golf field! This tip always works for a lot of people.

It Donít Mean A Thing If You Ainít Got that Swing

The Golf Down Swing starts from the bottom. Thus, you can still screw it up if you start your golf down swing with your shoulders. So be careful about this! This is where you need some really special visualization techniques. Make sure you faithfully do these visualization exercises before you hit the green or the night before.

A good golf swing setup is just not that tough. Do some relaxation activities to calm your nerves before you go swinging. Yoga, meditation, counting to ten while holding your breath can work if you let it.

Finally, always adopt the athletic golf stance when on the field. Itís the equivalent of the Scoutís motto (Be Prepared). It will keep you prepared for the challenges that lie ahead!

This article was posted on Aug 5, 2005

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Jonathan Berry

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