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Effective Marketing Using Articles
(Site Promotion)
By: Tina Valiedi

There is no better way to advertise and promote information than to use articles. Many businesses are now marketing their products and services via the internet which is a great way to communicate information to people all around the world. In the absence of articles there are plenty of websites that would fail to have any purpose. All of the articles that support various products on the web have a real marketing spin. Using articles as part of a marketing program is how many items get sold. Brochures, newsletters, direct mail letters and magazines columns are all perfect examples of article marketing.

To write your article, the first thing you need to do is determine your aims for writing the article. Ask yourself - what is it you are trying to sell or what are you trying to achieve and who is your target market.

To sell a product you would want to design your marketing article so that it fulfills a need or want within the mind of your potential customer. Designing an article of this type with descriptions of how it would affect the buyer in a positive manner would prove to be very beneficial. Emotions play a key role in the buying process. So be sure to hit the "hot buttons."

If your goal is to deliver a service, one thing you want to consider marketing with articles is to include testimonials that describe your services and gives your reader a sense of trust and loyalty in your company. Phrases such as: They not only did what they promised, they went above and beyond our expectations. These phrases in your testimonials give the buyer a feeling of security.

In a world that consists of an ever-growing market in the technology field and expanding information age, it is important to have a precise plan when marketing with articles directed in the areas that apply to your specific information. You want your customers to be reassured that you have the information that will simplify their work, life, etc...

Essentially you need to match your marketing ideas with your articles, and write your articles so that they are not just about products but also include more valuable information for the customer. Value adding is a way to help your customers without them having to pay your anything.

Another note of advice is to make sure that you complete and fulfill these obligations at all cost. It doesnít do any good to have a great way to use marketing with articles if you donít meet the standards you have set. It also eliminates repeat business.

This article was posted on Aug 5, 2005

About The Author
Tina Valiedi

Tina Valiedi is a contributing author for MPStrategies Firm, a company whose breakthrough service unleashes the power of the internet to drive hidden potential clients to your site. For more marketing articles visit:

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