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Psychic Gut Instincts For Psychic Readings and Ghost Hunts
By: Bobbie Grennier

Jane Doherty is a real psychic with a quirky gut instinct for psychic readings and paranormal ghost investigations, but what makes Jane's psychic investigations so interesting is that her gut, her stomach, actually participates.

Psychic Jane has followed her gut instincts for hundreds of sťances, psychic readings and ghost investigations over the past two decades. She currently works with the cable channel TLC for their Dead Tenants TV show.

In each episode, Jane and a small team of paranormal investigators, called PRS, are introduced to a different family that has experienced some sort of ghostly, paranormal odd happenings in their home.

Psychic Jane moves through the family's home in the wee hours of the morning in search of ghosts. And when she finds them, Jane works to help the ghosts "depending on the ghost situation of the house."

"In almost every episode there's a skeptic in the family. And one of our goals is to see a change in the skeptic," Jane said. The cameras roll the entire time Jane conducts her three day ghost investigation with the PRS team.

"One of the recent ghost investigations we did, it's one of the funnier moments, because when you get to the sťance and the spirit comes through another person ... the one man was so taken back and became a believer," she said with a chuckle. "He said he started going to church."

Psychic Jane also saw her first book, "Awakening the Mystic Gift: The Surprising Truth About What it Means to Be Psychic," publish last February. The book is Jane's memoir and it explains that psychic ability is really just a sort of sensory input most people ignore.

"Everyone has a psychic antenna," Doherty claims, "even if they don't pay attention to what they're picking up. In other words, everyone is psychic to some degree. Everybody truly has this, and I believe God gave us this tool to have a better life ... so we make decisions based on guidance, and not just emotions."

Psychic Jane Doherty, 58, was born and raised in South Plainfield, New Jersey. Jane grew up Catholic, but she doesn't think her beliefs about psychic ability and faith in God are mutually exclusive. She doesn't read cards or use other kinds of "magic" tricks. Instead, she feels her way through a situation by waiting for images to come and following her instincts.

And then there's her stomach, the barometer she uses to indicate the presence of spirits. When ghosts are around Jane's stomach will expand instantly up to as much as six inches.

"What does happen to me is an unusual phenomenon. When I'm near spirit phenomena, my stomach expands like I'm nine months pregnant," she said. "It expands right away and it is very painful when it happens."

Skeptics often are handed a measuring tape and invited to check her waistline for themselves. Doherty laughs as she explains the reason she probably was chosen for the TLC series.

"They loved it because we were characters," she said. "Can't help but call me a character, with this expanding ghostly barometer stomach of mine."

For more information about psychic Jane Doherty or to schedule a psychic reading, visit

About the Author: Bobbie Grennier is a freelance writer ( and teaches herbalism at She also is the webmaster for, blogs a few ghost stories at and offers for FREE reprint articles.

This article was posted on July 31, 2006

About The Author
Bobbie Grennier
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Bobbie Grennier is a webmaster, SEO copywriter and web site copywriter; teaching SEO classes online. She publishes several blogs, but you're most likely to be interested in her Writer Blog ( and Webmaster Blog ( Visit her web sites or for more SEO information or FREE reprint articles.

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